What’s so special about Coworking?

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It’s a phrase that’s getting talked about a lot at present, especially following the restrictions imposed upon business owners by the COVID-19 pandemic, but could it help you out? Many owners are recognising the need to be as flexible as possible in their working practices, and national providers are predicting a 42% increase in the use of these spaces in next few years!

What exactly is Coworking?

Already a big hit in larger cities, coworking is now set to take even smaller towns by storm as cooped-up business owners look for ways of getting out into the world once again.

Coworking is a fully managed workspace that gives you the opportunity to rent a desk on either a sporadic daily basis or on a more permanent basis. Not only does it provide you with a professional image but a corporate address and place to meet clients without the financial commitment of a long lease. And to add to this, you also get the benefits of being in a bright, vibrant, and social community – populated by start-ups and ambitious freelancers who are happy to share tips and advice.

Flexi Desking or Monthly rentals

Located at the Business Hive in Grimsby, BaseCamp is a new vibrant coworking space on the first floor mezzanine, where it is possible to rent a desk on a temporary or permanent basis.

Flexi-desking is ideal for anyone who wants a desk on a part-time basis, maybe for a couple of days a week or for short-term projects. It is an inexpensive way to make their business appear more professional with the option of dropping in now and again to spend some time with like-minded business owners with a change of scenery but are happy working from home the rest of the time.

Alternatively, for those wanting something more permanent, Fixed-desking for monthly renters comes with free use of an allocated locker to store your personal belongings.

Additional benefits for our co-workers are good coffee, fast IT connection, support from our Business Advisors and networking and collaboration opportunities within the Business Hive.

Why is it so relevant now?

The pandemic has given people the opportunity to reflect on many aspects of their lives, both from a personal and professional perspective. Coworking is a subscription-based approach to professional workspace which requires no long-term commitment, costs less than a dedicated office and provides the social contact that many of us crave.

A great virtual Address

Our Business Hive site also provides a Virtual Business Address service which allows owners to register their businesses away from their personal residential address. This can help protect your privacy but also improve your credibility as a business, especially when someone finds you through a ‘Google’ search.

As a registered business you will be given your own mailbox and be able to use the Business Hive address on all your marketing material.

Extra Costs of a dedicated office?

You may not require all the space in a dedicated office, and in addition to the rent you may pay lots more on additional costs, such as rates, energy, cleaning, waste disposal, water charges, public liability insurance, coffee, and loo rolls!

With BaseCamp at the Business Hive, the amount you pay is inclusive of all these costs, so you save on all the overheads of running a dedicated office but keep all the benefits of a professional workspace.

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