Surfs Up for those who move with the Tide!

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For some time now, the roadmap to recovery has been laid out, in a clear and orderly fashion. We knew that there would be bumps and diversions along the way, but the finish line was in sight. The almost unimaginable paradise of the doors opening, and customers flooding in.

The prospect of cash registers ringing non-stop, and the ‘eager to spend’ actually spending, whilst interacting with real life retailers for the first time and in a long time gracing us with their presence whilst buying our wares. The return to indoor hospitality provision was celebrated throughout the nation; non-essential retailers raised the shutters and waited, with bated breath…

For some, there has been a honeymoon period. Some have benefited through sheer good fortune, others through skilfully executed marketing campaigns designed to manufacture just the right volume of demand to offer a well-managed, customer centric, safe and enjoyable experience. The businesses who stayed ‘relevant’ throughout the lockdowns, sharing menus and virtual experiences, have been rewarded with long-awaited footfall and custom.

And yet, there is only so much money available to spend on entertainment and provisions. The consumers still have bills to pay too. Commitments, paired with the now predictable yet unfashionably month-late April showers, as well as a return to work for the masses, means that the tidal wave of consumer spending hasn’t necessarily been witnessed by the majority of small businesses, despite the huge measures required to simply re-open. In some areas a surge but in others, a stream or merely a trickle.

Our ‘nation of shopkeepers’ spent many months of lockdown building on the skills needed to develop and grow their businesses. Now more than ever they need to utilise these tools to their fullest capacity. The resilience that the hospitality and retail sectors have shown is second to none but it is also so important to know, that you don’t enter this challenge alone. The fight to survive and thrive should not be a solitary task. E-Factor Business Advisors are on hand to offer support and guidance right now, to help your business through these testing times. So, reach out, and let us know what we can do to help, and let’s see how, through working together, we can release the flood gates and ride a wave of success!

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