Smarter Energy NEL

North East Lincolnshire’s flagship programme for SME decarbonisation.

Preparing Local Business for a Future of Net Zero Emissions

With rising energy costs and a growing demand for a zero-carbon future, it is critical to consider your carbon footprint and the future of your business. 

That’s where Smarter Energy North East Lincolnshire can help.

About Smarter Energy NEL

Smarter Energy NEL follows on from the successful ‘Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire’ project which helped many businesses across the region increase their energy efficiency and cut their costs. The new pilot project is focused entirely on SMEs in North East Lincolnshire and aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of a one-stop shop for energy-focused business support. 

After completing an expression of interest eligible businesses will be contacted by the Smarter Energy Business Advisor who can help you collate information on your energy usage and refer you for a comprehensive energy audit, carried out by an Independent Energy Consultant. The consultant will visit and evaluate your premises and report back on how best to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Following this audit, if your business has an idea for a project which would result in significant carbon savings, you could be eligible for a grant towards new technologies. 

Examples include the installation of LED lighting, upgrading to heat pumps or investments in renewable energy sources such as solar panels. 

Key benefits for registered SMEs are:

  • Fully funded in-depth energy audits

  • Low carbon knowledge transfer

  • Up to 40% grants towards low energy solutions

  • Links to finance and Grimsby Community Energy for project funding

  • Informative workshops

  • Exclusive invitation to join The Smarter Energy Summit 

  • Supply chain opportunities

Why is it beneficial to move towards zero carbon?

  • Cost savings through optimising resources

  • Positive impact on the environment 

  • Increases profitability and market competitiveness

  • Enhances brand reputation

  • Improves productivity and product quality

Register your Interest now

To apply, please complete the Expression of Interest form attached below.

  • Process Guide

    Download our process guide for businesses interested in the Smarter Energy project

If you have any queries please speak to a member of the Smarter Energy NEL team or request a call back:

Call (01472) 252780

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This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund

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