Which direction next?

As every business person knows there is never a time you can stop working on your business. Even established businesses in mature markets need to be well run, keep ahead of its competitors and be strong enough to take on the future challenges no one has even thought of yet.

The best part of your business

People – your biggest investment & your best asset

Almost every business is dependent on the quality, productivity and motivation of its workforce. Whether you employ two people or two hundred, how they perform every day, every week and every month will determine the ongoing success of your business. People are nearly always your biggest investment, both in time and money, so it is important you are confident in the team you have. Are they the right people for the job? Have they got the skills required? Are they motivated to succeed? Are there enough of them? (or too many!?) It is always a challenge finding and retaining the people who share the vision and passion you have for your business, as well as the skills you need to deliver for your customers. E-Factor Advisors have considerable experience in assessing the strength of your team, where the skills gaps might be and how motivated and equipped your people are to deliver what you have promised your customers.

Keep focused

Getting your business back on track

Most businesses at one time or another can face a very real threat to their survival, be it due to non-payment by a major client, increased overheads, staffing issues, legal disputes or simply a changing market. Sometimes a business just needs to get its head down and work through the short-term issue. Very often however the solution is not clear, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel appears impossible and what follows can be continuous worry, stress and frustration. E-Factor have no magic wand, but they do have many years’ experience in helping and supporting Businesses through these challenging times, with utter confidentiality, they will help keep a focus on the decisions that need to be made, seek out alternative solutions and help you get your business back on track as soon as possible. In some cases, they can also introduce you experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience of helping businesses overcome some of the biggest challenges they have faced or should it come to it, helping a business close in a controlled and safe way.

Keep the cash flowing

Businesses will always need a good supply of finance to meet its needs, be it cashflow improvements, or growing margins, financing to renew assets or to meet the short term impacts of a new contract or a bad debt. The Advisors at E-Factor Business have helped hundreds of businesses not only assess what solution is required, but to also seek out, and successfully apply for the finance required. They have an established network of experts who can also help to provide the right answer to any business requirement. ( It is worth reiterating here that E-Factor has no affiliation or preferential arrangements with any organisation or lender, we will always do what is right for your business, full stop).

Improving your productivity

In a very competitive world one of the best ways to retain your market share and your margins at the same time is to improve your productivity, taking a long hard look at the amount you are spending to deliver the quality service or product your company has become known for and how you could get the same result for less. E-Factor’s unique and in depth Business Health Check will give you a ‘warts and all’ review of all aspects of your business including its productivity and efficiency followed by discussions and guidance on ways you could improve your processes and your bottom line.

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