We’re here to help your business grow

Every one of the hundreds of successful businesses we have worked with is different and unique, but they all share one common trait, a desire to GROW, no matter the size or type of business the successful firms constantly seek ways to GROW their turnover and profit, to GROW their margins to GROW their customer base to GROW their Market Share.

Finding the Finance

We have found that in many cases, business with ambitious plans for growth, need investment or an injection of cash to get things moving, whether it is an investment to grow the businesses capacity so they can take on those new orders, or an investment in working capital to give the company time to realise the planned profit increase. E-factor Business has helped thousands of businesses not only assess what investment is required, but to also seek out, and successfully apply for that investment. They have already secured over £5M of grant, £10m of flexible lending, and countless introductions to different types of investors and financing options. (worth reiterating here that E-Factor has no affiliation with any organisation or lender, we will always do what is right for your business, full stop).

Grasping new opportunities

Business growth can sometimes be about recognising new opportunities in your area or your sector and doing all you can to take full advantage of them. If an opportunity is not obvious to you, E-Factor can help you do a thorough assessment of the marketplace you work in and help you look in the right places to find new customers and new opportunities for growth. In addition, E-Factor have specific experience in helping companies tender for new contracts and have helped hundreds of local firms successfully apply for millions of pounds of growth related business grants. In addition, if a business needs support in developing a high performance sales team, or some guidance in creating a strong sales and presentation skills, E-Factor can help here too, making sure whenever you are faced with an opportunity to pitch for new business, you are ready.

Taking on new staff

A growing business very quickly becomes dependent on the skills and quality of its workforce. It is always a challenge finding the right people to join your team. People who share the vision and passion you have for your business and have the skills and experience you need to deliver. From workforce planning to recruitment of the right people, from Employment law to training and development, E-Factor can provide meaningful advice and guidance on all these areas. We understand that selecting & building a team of the right people will make all the difference to the future of your business.

Getting ready to grow

Matching your ambition to grow with a robust and thought out plan of HOW your are going to do it, will save you time, money and improve your chances of success tenfold. This is a great time to have the support of an experienced and objective Business Advisor, who can help you review where you are with all aspects of your business. For example an in depth Business Health Checks will give you a ‘warts and all’ review of your businesses strengths and weaknesses, (be warned this can be brutal!), followed by advice and support on how you can capitalise on the strengths and overcome the challenges the health check highlights for you. One done your, business will be in the best possible shape to grow

Having room to grow

From retail outlets to office space or industrial units, a business needs the room to grow, and an environment that will impress key employees and customers alike. E-Factor have years of experience in finding premises for new businesses, but we also understand the importance of choosing the right premises at the right time. E-Factor Advisors will help you establish the type and size of premises you need, talk you through what to expect from a property lease and the timescales involved, and finally helping you find the right place to grow your Business.

We're here to help your business grow

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