Finance & Grants

E-Factor Business has years of experience helping clients access the many sources of grants and finance available for SMEs

Why do you need finance?

You may be in the process of setting up a new business, trying to raise working capital to allow your business to grow, wanting to invest in plant and equipment, land or refurbishing a building. Our qualified advisors can point you in the right direction and offer impartial advice on the best options available.

Richard for Richard's Shoe Repair and Key Cutting Services - Freeman Street Market

Grant Support

Grants are delivered through various regional/national government bodies and organisations and are constantly changing. Our experienced advisors are here to provide details on current opportunities and signpost you to the most appropriate grants.

“We have supported 1000s of business to access grants for equipment and services in the last 13 years”

Financial Planning

Accessing finance and grants requires financial planning and we will help support you at each stage of the application process. Having a robust financial plan keeps your business focused and on track as your company grows.  It makes it easier to spot new challenges, deal with unexpected crises and also plan for funding requirements.

A financial plan is a view into the future. It shows how you plan to do business over the coming weeks, months and years, and keeps you as a business owner on track with your goals.

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