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Hollie Grayson has recognised a niche within the North East Lincolnshire care sector; holistic massage treatments and a place for relaxation for people of all abilities and their carers. In May 2019, Hollie began her venture, The Rest Room, with the support of E-Factor Business.

What The Rest Room needed
Hollie has had a successful career in the beauty industry with a passion for inner wellbeing and the use of natural ingredients. When working with clients in supported housing, she began thinking about access to wellbeing treatments for those with carers or require additional support. So, Hollie ventured into business and established The Rest Room, contacting E-Factor Business for support as she made the transition from employment to running her own business with a care focus.

How E-Factor helped
Hollie met Gina, Growth Hub Business Advisor, who offered advice and support through the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Programme. As Hollie was moving into the care sector, Gina introduced her to E-Factor’s Health and Social Care Business Advisor, Jeanette Logan. Together, they worked on business and marketing plans, looked at locations for The Rest Room, talked about client groups and networking with other professionals in the care sector, and connected with specialists who reaffirmed that The Rest Room was a much-needed service.

The Result
Hollie is now working with clients of all ages and abilities, focusing on growing her business organically and sustainably. In September 2019, The Rest Room relocated from a space within a charity’s busy developmental hub to a quiet, accessible space located in Waters Edge, close to Grimsby town centre. Here she has established a calming environment that creates an all-round sensory experience, where she can deliver aromatherapy massage treatments, with or without support aids, to relieve stress and tensions.

Hollie said: “I’ve been given a lot of advice and business support, which helps to build my confidence. They [the E-Factor team] have given me a professional overview and reaffirm that the services I’m providing are needed and that I am heading in the right direction.”

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