We are in unprecedented times and the challenges to us all as a local business community are huge.

The entire team in the E-Factor Group, including the Business Hive team, E-Factor Property team and the Advisors at E-Factor Business, are doing all they can to bring you clear concise information and guidance from Government, from Local Authorities and from the Growth Hubs that serve this area.

We are also a part of the Business community and are proud to have so many local businesses, whether they are our tenants or Business Hive Members, step up to offer support where they can. The information below and the quick links for help demonstrate that.

The message is clear, you are not facing this entirely on your own; E-Factor Group, its partners, its members and people from across the  business community are here to offer support.

Just email or call and if we don’t have the answers, we will work hard to find someone who does.

E-Factor Business

With a team of experienced business advisors who work closely with both public and private sector support organisations, E-Factor will continue to provide advice and guidance through the challenging times ahead. The situation for local SME businesses is constantly evolving and as an impartial and independent service we will continue to deliver free support and help them manage this new dynamic.

Contact info@e-factor.co.uk or call 01472 252780 where you will be put in touch with an Advisor.