Are you planning to be your own boss and start a business?

Deciding to start your own business or become self-employed is probably one of the most exciting and scariest things you can do. The rewards you get from being your own boss are many; control over your future, financial independence, job security, not to mention the thrill of being the decision maker on how your business grows.

At E-Factor we have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs helping them get their business up and running and we have learned one very important thing. While there is no guarantee of success, the more time spent planning and preparing, the more chance your business has of being everything you dreamed of.

Below you will find links to a series of webinars giving you the essential information to help you launch your business. Once you have viewed these get in touch with Julie Sweeney our Start Up Advisor to arrange a one to one discussion on 01472 252780.


Watch an introduction to starting up in business.

This short, one-hour guide to setting up in business will introduce you to all the areas you need to think about and equip you with the tools to start planning the successful launch of your business.

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We also have a series of bite-sized webinars covering separately the important topics to consider when starting up.


Our new webinars are entirely FREE to attend for anyone looking to start a business.

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Our one to one advice is objective meaningful and experienced.

We look forward to supporting your success.